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What shape is your MSDS database in?

  • How current are your company’s MSDS?
  • How often are the MSDS files updated?
  • How long does it take for an employee to locate an MSDS file?
  • Can you quickly find all the MSDS that contain specific materials for hazardous material reporting?
  • Can employees locate an MSDS using stock or purchase numbers?



A Debolt Data MSDS database offers: 

  • A confidential, customised, website for each client that is available on a 24-hour basis protected by user IDs and Passwords.
  • Unlimited downloading or printing of MSDS to meet emergency response.
  • The Debolt system is completely web-based. There is no software to install or maintain.
  • Expiry dates are tracked by a centralised system and flagged several months in advance for updating
  • Updating and adding MSDS is done by Debolt staff; clients are not required to maintain the currency of their MSDS files.
  • MSDS are available in Adobe Acrobat PDF format. Scanned, faxed and photocopied versions are replaced by the manufacturer's original documents whenever possible.
  • The on-line set-up of the database can duplicate a client's company structure and be divided into sub-locations by area, division, location, and product type.
  • Each MSDS entry can contain client specific information such as identification numbers (i.e. stock, inventory, PO), commonly used product names, and product descriptions.
  • On-site paper copies can be kept up-to-date with indexes and updated MSDS printed from the website.
  • MSDS are available to all workers who have Internet access.
  • A cost effective easy-to-use solution for your MSDS database needs.

Tools for Health, Safety, and Environment (HSE) legislation compliance

  • Hazardous Materials and CEPA 71 “Challenge” substances can be identified by a simple CAS number search that will quickly identify the products in which the substance is a component and where it is used in a client’s organisation (Location/Division/Area).
  • Workers can quickly find an MSDS by product name, manufacturer name, commonly used name, company location/division, ingredient (CAS #), stock, inventory, or PO numbers.
  • MSDS are tracked and are searchable by location, enabling a clear audit of all products in the inventory.
  • Obsolete MSDS files are tagged and maintained as an archive in the database.
  • Debolt Data can provide CD copies of the database for field workers without Internet access.

MSDS Inventory Audits
  • The Debolt system generates a daily on-line list of MSDS that have been updated or added in a client’s database.
  • A report is issued every six months with a complete list of MSDS that have been added, updated or deleted from a client’s inventory.


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